Morning Star
Education for special needs.

Since 1990, we have been on the forefront of tailored education for special needs. Browse our site to learn more about the difference of Catholic education.

a unique philosophy

In 1990, Sacred Heart Cathedral School opened the Morning Star Program to offer services to children with a variety of special learning needs. These learning needs vary, but the program is not a haven for behavior issues.

Special needs, valued members.

The Morning Star Program’s goals are to help each student develop a sense of self-worth, respect for others, a recognition of God as One who loves and values them. We also strive for a sound academic foundation, occupational competencies, social skills, and cultural appreciation. The ultimate goal is the formation of individuals who can think independently and serve as valued members of society.

Living as disciples of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we strive for academic excellence and humble service of all.

Instruction in reading, spelling, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies is incorporated into a functional life skill program. Students are main streamed for the subjects they are capable of working with independently and go to Morning Star for specific instruction in areas of weakness.

A modified curriculum, a holistic approach.

Middle school students are supported by teachers who accompany students to class as they work on a modified curriculum. This prepares the students for independent work in high school and beyond.

Specific instruction

Tuition & Program Fees

Because of the one-on-one program; specially trained staff  and aides needed to maintain the lower student to teacher ratio for this program, an additional fee of $2,500  is added above the base tuition.

Tuition is non-refundable. If a student withdraws from school prior to the beginning of the school year, two months of tuition is non-refundable. If a student withdraws from school once classes have started, tuition up to and including the quarter in which the student withdraws is non-refundable.

Tuition and fees

Description Amount Notes
Morning Star Program Fee $2500
Grades K5-5 $7260
Grades 6-8 $7850 Includes Macbook and Science Lab Fees

Any family may apply for tuition assistance.

Financial Assistance

Sacred Heart offers you an affordable Catholic Tuition Rate to educate your child. With a budget of more than $1.4 million, the cost of education continues to rise: increased teacher salaries and benefits and the cost of textbooks and consumable materials rise yearly. Any family may apply for tuition assistance, depending upon their financial needs. We will always aim to keep tuition affordable, covering our budgets through additional sources of income the Lucky Hearts Club, Golf Classic and the Great Pumpkin Race).

Discounts and subsidies

Sibling grants, scholarships and other financial aid may apply, so please contact the school office for a breakdown specific to your situation.

Those who claim to be participating Catholic parishioners must have a signed Parish Subsidy Form on file to receive the Catholic tuition rates. You must submit the Parish Subsidy Grant Form to your Pastor. This form is in your registration packet and will be available in the school office.

Description Deduction Notes
Catholic Parish Subsidy $800 Submit the Parish Subsidy Form to your local Catholic Parish
Multi-Student Discount $1250 Deduct from the second child's tuition
$1350 Deduct from the third child's tuition
Pre-K Students do not count towards multi-child discounts


If you are interested in this program, please call the school office. Mrs. Poller will set up an interview appointment with the principal. Both parent and student are required to attend this appointment. If the principal feels this may be a good match, the child is invited to “shadow” for a day so that the administration, parent and student can make a sound decision about a good “match” for the program.

Special needs, valued members.

Parents are asked to provide all psycho-social evaluations, physicians evaluation, and other pertinent information prior to the interview.

All other requirements for Sacred Heart Cathedral School apply.

The program has limited enrollment and accepts students regardless of creed, race, gender or national origin.

Age entry requirements

  1. Pre-K must be 4 years of age on or before September 1st
  2. Kindergarten must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st
  3. First Grade must be 6 years of age on or before September 1st and have successfully completed a Kindergarten program

Registration documentation

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Baptismal Certificate
  3. Social Security Card
  4. Florida Immunization Certificate (HRS Form 680)
  5. Florida School Entry Health Exam (HRS Form 3040)
  6. Non-Refundable registration fee per child

our Catholic identity

Located in an older, established – but changing – neighborhood, Sacred Heart Cathedral School serves the educational needs of our own parish children as well as many from other parishes, and some non-Catholics.

For over 100 years, Sacred Heart School has maintained its quality of education and Christian standards. The dedication of its staff, students, faculty and parents makes it possible for the school to look forward to many more years of Catholic education for the future leaders of our country.