Meet our Staff

The Staff at Sacred Heart Cathedral School is committed to the holistic education of its’ students – mind, body, and soul.


Leadership at Sacred Heart Catholic School is overseen by the Pastor, Principal and Vice Principal and advised by the Student Advisory Council and Finance Council.

Directory 1

Fr. James Valenzuela


Directory 2

Mrs. Dominique Baroco


University of Notre Dame, BA

University of West Florida, M.Ed.

Directory 3

Mrs. Becky Armin

Vice Principal, Director of Catholic Immersion, 7th & 8th Religion

Ashford University, BS

Directory 4

Mr. Dave Kimbell

Director of Development

St. Anselm College, BA

University of Notre Dame, M.Ed.

Franciscan-Steubenville, MBA

University of W. Florida (Gifted Educator Endorsement)

Directory 5

Mrs. Carolyn Salamida

Morning Star Director / 6th Religion

Franciscan Steubenville, BS

St. John Fisher College, M.Ed.

Office Staff

The school staff at Sacred Heart Cathedral School works alongside the principal and teachers to respond to the administrative, structural, and developmental needs of the school. 

Directory 6

Mrs. Sidney Poller

Operations Manager

Pensacola State College, AA

Directory 7

Mrs. Megan Perry

Front Office

University of Central Florida, BS

Directory 8

Ms. Dana Drummond

IT Director

University of South Alabama, BFA

Directory 9

Ms. Christina Sutton


Florida State University, BSW

Florida State University, MSW

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Directory 10

Mrs. Colleen Bartlinski


UNC-Asheville, BS

Directory 11

Mrs. Wendy Whittington


Louisiana State University, BS

State of Mississippi (CPA)


The Elementary Teachers and Aides at Sacred Heart Cathedral School inspire children, pre-K through 5th grade, with a love for learning. 

Directory 12

Mrs. Heather Jacobs


Pensacola State College, AA

University of West Florida, BA

Directory 13

Mrs. Karen Olson

Pre-K Aide

Directory 14

Ms. Gabrielle Brown


Directory 15

Ms. Wendy Doyle

Kindergarten Aide

Directory 16

Mrs. Jennifer Haines

1st Grade

University of S. Alabama, BS

Directory 17

Ms. Gretchen Connelly

1st Grade Aide

Directory 18

Ms. Grace Crumbaugh

2nd Grade

Lewis University, BA

Directory 19

Mrs. Terry Sadler

Second Grade Aide

Directory 20

Mrs. Alana Steinlicht

3rd Grade

Directory 21

Ms. Emma Haines

3rd Grade Aide

Directory 22

Mrs. Timberly Aymond

4th Grade

Nicholls State University, BA

Directory 23

Ms. Kaitlynn Olson

4th Grade Aide

Directory 24

Mrs. Debbie Garland

4th Grade

Regis University, BA

College of Santa Fe (Elementary Teaching Licensure)

Directory 25

Ms. Emily Williams

4th Grade Aide

Directory 26

Mrs. Leighann Roberts

5th Grade

University of West Florida, BS

University of West Florida, MS

Directory 27

Mrs.Tina Camp

5th Grade Aide

Pensacola State College, AA

Florida State University, BS

Middle School

The Middle School Teachers & Aides at Sacred Heart Cathedral School inspire our youth with a love for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Directory 28

Mrs. Rachel Barry

8th Grade / 7th & 8th Science

University of West Florida, BS

University of West Florida, MS

Directory 29

Ms. Kate Calvert

8th Grade/6th & 8th Grade English

Directory 30

Mrs. Kelly Comerford

7th Grade/Algebra 1 Honors & Math

Catholic University of America, BCE

Directory 31

Mr. Michael Thomas

7th Grade/ESE Math & Behavior Specialist

Directory 32

Mr. Stephan Howard

6th Grade Science

University of West Florida, BS

Directory 33

Mrs. Amanda Hudspeth

6th Grade/6th & 7th Grade Literature

Directory 34

Mrs. Marie Stills

6th Grade / 6th, 7th & 8th History

University of West Florida, BS

Directory 35

Mr. Roy Luther

Middle School Aide

University of West Florida, BS


The Special Teachers at Sacred Heart Cathedral School round out the holistic education of its students, through an introduction to the arts and technology.

Directory 36

Ms. Melissa Banks


University of Southern Mississippi, BFA

Directory 37

Mr. Chad Cage


Southwestern University, BA

University of W. Florida, MS

Directory 38

Mr. Jarrod Denmon

Physical Education / Athletic Director

University of Central Florida, BA

Directory 39

Mrs. Heather Frey


SUNY-Buffalo, BA

Directory 40

Mr. Jake Haines

Technology Support

University of W. Florida, BS

Directory 41

Mrs. Rachel Pickerill


Pepperdine University, BA

Directory 42

Ms. Hannah Vogel


Student Care

The Student Care faculty at Sacred Heart Cathedral School are there for the students, through the Morning Star program, counseling and after-school care. 

Directory 43

Mr. Robert Caldwell

Facilities Manager

Directory 44

Mrs. Terrie Campbell

Morning Star Middle School Aide

Directory 45

Mrs. Heidi Charles

Morning Star Elementary

Directory 46

Mrs. Dawn Rycroft

Morning Star Aide

Directory 47

Mrs. Diana Root

Morning Star - Middle School

Directory 48

Mrs. Lorraine Farish

Interventionist & Behavior Specialist

University of W. Florida, BA

University of W. Florida, M. Ed

Directory 21

Ms. Emma Haines

Extended Care Coordinator

Directory 50

Miss Rosalinda Fabbro

Extended Care Aide

Directory 51

Mrs. Amy Nelson

Gifted Teacher

Auburn University, BS

Directory 52