We are, first and foremost, a Catholic school.

One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic.

The Catholic Faith is not just an aspect of our school, but the foundation of our entire lives. It is here, recognizing our relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, that we are set free to love, to explore, and to relate to others. 

An encounter with Jesus Christ is an encounter with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Here is where we begin, and where we orient every moment of our lives.

relationship with Jesus

Sacred Heart, in partnership with students and families, shares a common vision which is high quality classroom instruction, and students who are highly motived to learn in a warm and nurturing faith-filled environment. It is our goal that students will not only have academic success but understand that Jesus is the reason for our school.

The Catholic faith is fundamental to Sacred Heart Cathedral School.

It is who we are and how we live each day beginning with community morning prayer and as members of a global community committed to serve one another.

Our students and families are welcomed, engaged and inspired to be servant leaders to one another. We believe that faith and service are integral in developing the whole child. As a Catholic community, we embrace monthly service projects which help those within our parish and community.

The gospel of Jesus Christ should permeate all aspects of our educational behavior. More than anything else, the ultimate goal of a Catholic education is to form missionary disciples who embody the living presence of Jesus in our world. 

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. - Matthew 6:33

We are very fortunate to have the guidance and inspiration of Father James Valenzuela. He is a steady presence in our lives and is a role model for our daily living. Our Cathedral Family also offers opportunities for ongoing faith formation for the entire family. 

oriented towards heaven

The impact of faith

“The project of the Catholic School is convincing only if carried out by people who are deeply motivated, because they witness to a living encounter with Christ, in whom alone the mystery of man becomes clear.”

– Congregation for Catholic Education, Vatican


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