The Administration of Sacred Heart

As the administration of Sacred Heart Cathedral School, we are committed to educating hearts and minds for God. We seek to form your children as disciples, scholars, and servant leaders. 

We desire to work with you, the first and primary educators of your children, in their holistic development at every key stage of their life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ should permeate all aspects of our educational behavior. We are collaborators, and we welcome your feedback. 


One Cathedral School Family

Dear Friends, 

It is my honor, as rector of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, to welcome you to our family. I trust that you will find through our website a representation of the vibrant community of students, faculty, administration, and parents that strives to fulfill our mission of “Educating Hearts and Minds for God.” For over a century we have provided a nurturing environment which engenders standards of excellence in education. Indeed, the pursuit of academic, religious, cultural, athletic and social development in our students has at its core our Catholic Christian morals. 

The time I spend with teachers and staff every day in classrooms, talking with students, and encountering families is truly a great source of joy. I offer my thanks for the hard work of our dedicated administration and faculty as they strive every day to make Christ know, loved, and served in their educational vocation. 

In Christ, 

Fr. James Valenzuela, Pastor

A message from our principal

Dear Sacred Heart Cathedral School family, 

Each day as I drive through the gates of our welcoming grounds I enter a place unlike any other – a vibrant Catholic school in an idyllic campus filled with children from Pre-K through eighth grade. It is a sacred privilege to serve as servant leader of Sacred Heart Cathedral School. May our website give you a brief glimpse into what makes our school an extraordinary place of learning, growing, and serving our children. 

When you select Sacred Heart Cathedral School in historic East Hill, Pensacola, you join a community bound by a mission of faith, with families passionate about education, students fully engaged in their learning, and teachers committed to their practice as caring professionals. 

We are a community with ties beyond the school day. We do not enroll students, rather we enroll families. Many of our children live in East Hill and walk to school together while embracing neighborhood, school and church activities as families. We are a community of faith as we live the mission of our school “educating hearts and minds for God.”


Elizabeth Snow, Principal

Elizabeth Snow