Morning Star

In 1990, Sacred Heart Cathedral School opened the Morning Star Program to offer services to children with a variety of special learning needs. These learning needs vary, but the program is not a haven for behavior issues.

The Morning Star Program's goals are to help each student develop a sense of self-worth, respect for others, a recognition of God as One who loves and values them. We also strive for a sound academic foundation, occupational competencies, social skills, and cultural appreciation. The ultimate goal is the formation of individuals who can think independently and serve as valued members of society.

Instruction in reading, spelling, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies is incorporated into a functional life skill program. Students are main streamed for the subjects they are capable of working with independently and go to Morning Star for specific instruction in areas of weakness.

Middle school students are supported by teachers who accompany students to class as they work on a modified curriculum. This prepares the students for independent work in high school and beyond.